Thursday, November 14, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M + Lady Gaga = Launch novelty? Attention whoring, Video Fashion, GAGA+ VERSACE, "What's Next" and not "What Is" ! + Bangkok bananas!

Phew! My holiday just got over and thankfully I couldn't be more happier. I have been itching to write and be creative all through my holiday. Especially, since a part of me feels I have a moral obligation to keep my blog alive and kicking. Just 10 days of partying, and I am already seeing the number of hits (traffic) on my blog going down considerably! Well, for starters I don't write because I need to maintain a certain number of hits. My blog remains a creative outlet, a place where I keep an online but very public journal on news, happenings and stuff that catches my fancy. My blog teaches me in a way and keeps me grounded to the real world. 

So what is catching my fancy this time? I missed the Digital Fashion Week's LIVE broadcast.... Missed seeing Supermodel Naomi Campbell walk the ramp in the world's very unique shoppable live streaming fashion event! It happened in Singapore while I was gallivanting on the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya. But, that was great too :)

I like Thailand  but I miss Singapore wherever I go. Little things like taking a cab in Bangkok and getting fleeced by an ass-hole of a cab driver pinch you. In Singapore, all Cabbies will take you anywhere with meter on. But, not in Bangkok!Anyways, all places have their pluses and minuses.

H&M is quite in the news this week! The long-awaited Isabel Marant collection will finally get to see the daylight from today at H&M stores...


Besides the launch 'novelty' factor, another factor that might contribute to the very expected high sales of this collection is obviously Isabel Marant's signature parisian-chic-girl-next-door style that girls yearn for! Yes, not to forget that H&M stores are mostly located in high-footfall marquee locations like the one Lady Gaga kind of inaugurates tonight at 12 AM @ Times Square! If this doesn't make profits soar then what would?

Talking about Gaga, what's trending in the video fashion these days? 

Well, firstly, Pop Icons seem to be celebrating Fashion Icons a bit too much!

Earlier a very monotonous Jay Z's "Tom Ford" track irritated my ears and now our good old Lady Gaga will sing ‘Donatella,’ as an ode to the fashion icon. 

In return, what will Versace plan? As far as I know the fashion and pop industry works on this dictum:

You slap my back and I'll slap yours :)

Only time will tell. I am a fan of Versace though. And I am fan of Lady Gaga too. But I would definitely NOT LIKE TO BE CALLED A LITTLE MONSTER! Utterly ATROCIOUS! Why call your fans Little?

I love how Adam Lambert calls his fans Glamberts! Such a cutie pie name. Love him!

Speaking of Video Fashion (I always seem to deviate from the main topic!!) Do you see what I see?

A lot of leather-clad biker girls, Circus aka Pyjama stripes and disheveled hairstyles seem to be trending in videos this autumn-winter!

Remember, I started a column called Video fashion? My first post on this subject was about how Attention Whoring has become the latest trend started by Miley Cyrus of course.

Read more about it here:  

The Starlet-to-Harlot trend; Miley Cyrus the trendsetter; Video Fashion - Lady Gaga's Hbra; VMA Awards; The New American Girl; Singapore Grand Prix - Formula 1

The most fashion trending Video goes to:

Charli XCX's SuperLove!



Checkuot Nicole Scherzinger in this all-leather ensemble that's way to0-0 hot this AW! Although I am not a big fan of leather personally, I prefer pleather or faux leather.


Nicole Scherzinger, Pic: shopdailychic


My focus is changing to "what's Next" than "what Is". Be sure to read my interesting insights on Fashion and Technology that highlights the "what's Next" components of my thought process:


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-Amit Anand

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