Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! + What are you wearing tonight?

Wishing all my readers, followers, friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day! myspace graphic comments

While you are readying for today's look of the day for the grand feast, I'd like to share a few tips! Gobble the turkey but don't end up looking like one :) Just joking!

Here are some of my favorite styles you could choose from depending on your mood, preference or just for the heck of experimenting dressing differently today! 

Go Boho - My favorite style of all. It's carefree and yet can look as chic. Can be classified as street wear, causal wear - ensemble on the go! You can add typical bohemian elements -  or be the one with nature with earthy/ animalistic overtones and accessories!

For guys it shouldn't be any simpler! Try wearing a boho shirt with unique hippie, gypsy and even tribal prints and pair them with loads of color in your accessories, pants and shoes. If nothing else, just put on Happy Socks - as colorful as they can be to bring the monotony of depressing cold down!

The boho look is also best suited for serious types - typically feminists, hyper-masculine, journalistic and intellectuals! The apt style statement for these is boho-nerd unlike the boho-chic!

Go Couture - Feminine or Masculine- Sophisticated.This style is urban and looks glam-chic. You can show off your status brands and its the right occasion to put on your statement pieces! Look like a moviestar! Styles included in this - Classic - Vintage, 60s, Retro - all in all Polished and Elegance personified!

Dudettes can get inspiration from Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama - 2 real women of substance! Guys should be quite 007 inspired - Dapper style! 

Go Bold - A bolder outfit may not look good but will surely get you noticed on the dinner table! Take style inspiration from Lady Gaga (remember her Artpop Hand Bra - I am a big fan of?) or better still, Miley Cyrus! Add a twerk or two to make your bold statement genuine! Yes, superman costume included for dudes! It's about time you took out your super hero costumes out of the closet or the attic! Tear them for the ultimate  Literally naked (but not famous)! Haha! Tip: Show some skin! Bring out the Lolita in you!

Alternative style in the bolder category could be the androgynous look that's anyways quite hot with men and women of style substance.

If these don't work you could pick from a host of styles out there - Sporty, Back to School - Prep style, Hipster (Plaid shirts/ skirts etc) - Think Britney Spears in Baby One More Time!

Go Gothic-Chic - Halloween-ish but that'll be a little outdated considering Halloween is so last month! You could try out a bit of a mix with a smudged eyeliner and puffy hair - it'll make you reprise the American Horror Story Season 3 Thanksgiving look ;)

You could also Punk - Rock, Grunge and Ghetto with a bit of a modern twist. Think Psy, you could go totally Psy-Chotic - Gangnam style! Another plus from the incredibly stylish South Korea although quite a done and dusted look.. Maybe its time for Psy to think of something else!

Amit Anand 

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